Whether you prefer volunteering in our high-energy food market, one of our upscale boutiques, or as part of a special event, we’re sure we have an opportunity that will fit your interests and schedule. Most of our volunteers work a half-day per week, but we’re flexible!

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At the Food Bank

There may be no greater reward than to help assure your neighbor has enough to eat. At the food bank, everyone is in some way directly impacting the health and well-being of every visitor. Volunteer opportunities include drivers, sorting donations and stocking the market, and front market positions which help clients check in, shop and receive assistance.

At Second Season

Our furniture store and thrift store are operated entirely by volunteers, so all profits are used to provide services to Fishline clients. Volunteers can sort through donations, help repair and paint furniture, price and stage incoming merchandise or cashier.

In our Garden Program

Nothing is more delicious then fresh picked vegetables straight from the garden.  The Fishline Garden Program meets a rapidly growing need for emergency food assistance and increases the amount of nutritious quality food low income families have available to them. With the high cost of vegetables and fruits, gardening makes good sense and benefits us all. Come join us:  growing and sharing fresh organic vegetables and fruit with our Fishline neighbors!

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On a Special Project

Throughout the year, our agency is always busy. Whether it is the postal drive in the spring, school supply distribution in the fall or food baskets and toys during the holidays, there is always a chance to help which doesn’t require a regular commitment. We also need administrative help throughout the year, for projects like our community newsletter, fundraising mailings or data entry.

Volunteer Story

Home Delivery

On a smoky afternoon I hopped into the car with Fishline volunteer Michael Amrich to deliver groceries to home-bound people here in the Poulsbo community. Michael’s usual partner, Ann Wilder, was out, and, since we employ the buddy system, I took advantage of this opportunity to learn more about Fishline’s Home Delivery Program. Here how it works: Michael and Ann call each person on their list, they fulfill their order by shopping our market (foodbank), they load the groceries into a van and do their route. Sometimes it’s only a few stops, but in the past they’ve had as many as a dozen households. There’s a gentleman who lives on his boat in Liberty Bay. We leave his groceries at Marina Market and they ensure he receives them. A delivery goes to a mom and her preschool-aged daughter. Our route that day was in city limits but they’ve delivered as far as Lowfall. Pretty simple, right?

But here’s how it really works…

Michael and Ann have known these folks, sometimes for years. They are privy to details about their lives, like whether a grandchild is coming to visit or if they have an aversion to potato salad. They know their health histories and whether they should knock or ring the doorbell. Also, they might be the only visitors stopping by that day…or even that week. They clearly deliver more than just food.

So, when the news came the other day that Ruth—who had been receiving home delivery from the program’s inception—passed away, our volunteers took the news as if she were family. They, of course, will miss her terribly. They also know that there are deliveries to be made and were here with smiles on their faces this morning, ready to make it work.

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