About Fishline: Our vision is a community where a safety net exists for all people, which includes adequate food, shelter, healthcare and employment. In 2017, we served approximately 4000 households distributing nearly one million pounds of food. After 50 years of neighbors helping neighbors, this year, Fishline will move into a new building. Our new 15,000 square foot facility will include a grocery-store style market for those needing our food bank services on the first floor, and a Comprehensive Services Center (CSC) on the second floor which will bring together the best providers of basic human services under the same roof for the first time in Kitsap County.  Working cooperatively, our new CSC will address client issues at their root, helping clients move out of a need for services and onto stable lives.

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Market Assistant


Market Assistant – 35 hours/week
Reports to: Market and Facilities Manager
Application deadline is June 29, 2018

Job Overview:

The Market Assistant will assist the Fishline Market and Facilities Manager (MFM) in performing all tasks related to food intake and outflow, as well as overall daily operation of the Market itself.  This will include, but is not limited to, food safety best practices; workspace sanitation and upkeep; recording, weighing, sorting, stocking and display of grocery rescue, incoming food drives, Northwest Harvest, Food Lifeline, commodities, and individual donations.  The Market Assistant will uphold and be exemplary of Fishline’s Culture of Respect by being a respectful, informed, welcoming liaison between clients, volunteers, donors and other staff.

Responsibilities and Duties:

*Assist with communication to and training of Sorters/Stockers, Leads, Checkout and Reception volunteers.

*Assist with assigning and dispatching volunteer drivers, for both grocery rescue, food drive pick-ups and other special assignments.

*Assist with facilities maintenance and repairs, including but not limited to Fishline vehicles, refrigerators/freezers, and building and grounds safety assurance.

*Understand the Fishbucks pricing and limits system, and be able to prepare daily FB price tags prior to Market opening each day.

*Train and oversee the process involved with courteous and accurate receipt, weighing and recording of all donations including, but not limited to individual donations, Second Season donations, food drives and grocery rescue.

*Process Commodities, Northwest Harvest and Food Lifeline deliveries, including product distribution and paperwork.

*Train and oversee the process of assembling No Permanent Address (NPA) and Northwest Harvest (NWH) bag requests.

*Understand and execute firewood distribution requests, and work with Woodchucker volunteers to monitor supply and respond to donations.

*Understand and coordinate with all programs, including Birthday Fairy, Food For Thought, Free Closet, Christmas Child, Backpack Program, Home Delivery, and fully understand details of each program.

*Assist MFM with food ordering and inventory control.

*Perform data entry required to generate reports for all supply agencies, as well as all numbers necessary to calculate total food distribution.

*Install visible, adequate and comprehensive safety instructions and conduct periodic trainings for all emergency situations and general workplace safety best practices.

*Other duties as assigned.


*Must be a multi-tasker

*Must be willing to accept new tasks and challenges for the good of the organization

*Must be self-motivated, take initiative, work independently and know when to ask questions in order take a task to completion in a timely manner

*Must stay calm and focused in a fast-paced, consistently unpredictable environment

*Must communicate effectively, both written and verbally

*Must be able to work with and motivate volunteers of all ages, personalities and special needs

*Food bank and Salesforce experience a plus

*Must be able to lift a minimum of 40 lbs.


Salary range of $30,000-$45,000 to be based on qualifications. Position is also eligible for paid vacation, sick leave and a monthly health care allowance.

How to Apply

Please email your cover letter and resume to Mary Nader at director@nkfishline.org


to North Kitsap Fishline, Attn: Mary Nader, P.O. Box 1517, Poulsbo, WA 98370

Application deadline is June 29, 2018