Hope in Volunteering

Success Story

Mary and her Grandma after her graduation ceremony

Mary came to Fishline through Coffee Oasis’s Hope, Inc program. Hope, Inc. is designed to help youth ages 18-25 gain employable skills and work history by partnering with businesses willing to help mentor, teach work ethics, workplace conduct, and develop job skills.

Although she’s completed the program’s mandatory 100 hours, she’s staying on as a volunteer! When I asked her why, she said “I go home every afternoon, plop on the couch, and say out loud ‘I love my job’… and I work with awesome people.”

Mary learned how to garden, how to ask questions, and—as a committed follower of Weight Watchers—even how to avoid the baked goodies in the break room. She recently brought her grandma in to see the progress in the garden, making it a family affair.