Finding peace in a new home

Success Story

In December 2016, Fishline was contacted by a couple in their sixties regarding their inhabitable living situation.

Long time Home Delivery clients of Fishline, recently reached out to their trusted food bank for additional help. Their rental of nine years was experiencing severe plumbing issues causing the septic to backed up to a point where they were unable to use their sink, toilet, or shower. The landlord did a temporary fix to remedy the situation so the home was habitable; however, the couple needed to find another living situation as the landlord planned to sell the home.

Through tears the client shared she was overwhelmed and anxious with the prospect of finding affordable housing to fit their needs. She explained that her husband has a rare disease that mimics Alzheimer’s and that she herself has heart issues, and as a result they are housebound. They live on a fixed income of $1,200.00 a month and needed to find a rental that accepted pets and was under $900.00, their current rent. She didn’t know if finding an affordable rental was possible and was hoping for some financial assistance to help with the move.

Over the next several months, the staff at Fishline and Housing Solutions Center worked collaboratively to find an affordable rental for this couple. We found a low-income apartment on Bainbridge Island and in April the couple moved to their new home. Fishline partnered with Housing Solutions Center, Kitsap Community Resources, Helpline House, Bainbridge Island St Vincent de Paul, and donor directed funds from LIONS to pay for the movers, cab fare, first month’s rent, deposit, and ongoing rental assistance for two consecutive months.

The best part is their rent is now lower and they are no longer housebound. Living in the heart of Winslow they are able to walk to Helpline, the pharmacy, and their doctor’s office. After settling into their new home, the couple contacted Fishline to say thank you for the support during this stressful me in their life. They love their new apartment and feel at peace in their new home.